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JUST SOLD!  $3.8 MILLION. Thank you! This is the largest home sale in Cave Creek in over 7 years, and exceeds all Carefree and Boulders sales over the last 5 years. Read about it in the Arizona Republic:  Phoenix's Biggest Sales
Private estate with 54 acres offering the ultimate privacy and seclusion, on it's own mountain for $ 3.7 million.  Featured recently by CBS 5 TV as one of the "Great Real Estate Deals in Phoenix"  See the story:  
CBS  5 Story 42820 N. Fleming Springs Road, Cave Creek, AZ.  Also showcased by the Wall St. Journal, Arizona Republic, Fox 10, NBC in Phoenix.

 42820 N. Fleming Springs Road, Creek,  Arizona  10,159 sq.ft. 6bed/7bath on 36 acres  is now in short sale mode. An incredible opportunity to purchase a home and property like this.
Reduced to $3.7 million     

A scenic mountain-top  World-Class getaway! A quarter-mile gated private entrance, 150-year-old oak flooring taken from a Midwest warehouse, nature trails, European cabinetry, a master suite that straddles the top of the mountain for sunrises and sunsets, 360 degree views. Absolute privacy in a residence that can't be duplicated again. In unincorporated county.


(photo above left) A view you need to see from the air.  Your own 10,000 sq. ft+ Tuscan home on a private, gated mountaintop!  The ultimate seclusion.  One of the most dazzling short sale properties you will ever see. The home is now offered for $ 3.7 million and includes 36 acres.  (photo above right)   Paver driveway enters the Tuscan courtyard at the top. The pool with outdoor gourmet kitchen is on the right as you enter.  Note:  This private mountain sits over a main aquifer with a well that produces 63 gallons a minute!

The sweeping Great Room is a visitor's first sight, with antique wood flooring taken from a 150-year-old warehouse.  The Great Room overlooks one of the highest concentrations of saguaro cactuses in the nation.


Aerial view of the home with pool complex and family play areas.        Close-up of The Great Room View


Outdoor Gourmet Kitchen perched on the hillside, allows the family to spend more time enjoying the pool


Pool with water features, and spa      Even though the home is on top of a mountain, extraordinary measures were taken to make the entire area family friendly, with many open areas.


The home features a wonderful variety of skylights.  Below left, you'll see a multiple window skylight rimed by crown molding and showcased with a chandelier.  On the  right, a bricked facade lining the skylight shaft, illuminating the kitchen. Note the cabinetry, which recreates the wood work in Venice, Italy mansion, constructed with top furniture-grade materials.  A large island in the kitchen contains a breakfast bar, next to the dining room
Below (left), here's a bright morning breakfast room. You'll
see the view of Black Mountain to the south. Even with it's remote location, the Town of Cave Creek is just several minutes away. (right) See how the range/oven is showcased by the ornate cabinetry

The Master Suite in this panorama photo (above) looking East.   The Master Suite (below) looking West

The Master Suite, looking toward the East, the sunrise side of the property.  A large patio is outside

The Master Suite viewed toward the West. You can see the recessed sitting room with fireplace and balcony


Children's rooms are in a variety of colors, each with private bathroom, with no access to outdoor patios

THIS PROPERTY IS NOW UNDER CONTRACT! Thank you for your interest.
There's more below, including a photo of the other mountain top property included in the basic home purchase with 36 acres.  Price for the home with 36 acres, designed to offer perpetual privacy, is $ 3.7  million, subject to lender approval.  There's a video tour you can access at any time on by clicking this button below.  The host of the show said after viewing the program on their popular "Cool House" segment, "this is perhaps the greatest home we have EVER featured"   See why. . . . Be sure to click on "watch higher quality" under the lower right corner of the screen.  The picture is far clearer!!!!

Video Tour from Fox News  After viewing, please click on your browser's "Back" button to return.   There are more important links at the bottom of this page, to our land page, which has aerial photos with prop lines.

See coverage of the home as one of the great real estate deals, on CBS 5:  CBS  5 Story

Portions of the Master Suite include this dressing table with ornate cabinetry and elegant soaking tub (right)

For Sotheby's European clients, this home provides a warm Tuscan look which you'll enjoy. For an exclusive private tour and further information worldwide, please contact your Russ Lyon Sotheby's International agent:  Preston Westmoreland, at 602-377-0060.  Qualified purchasers only. Thank you!

Dramatic hallways with arched ceilings connect the wings of the home.  On the lower level, there's a full-service bar next to the wine room, media room and spacious game room with outdoor patios.

The owner insisted on including the 36 acres since a twin mountaintop, seen here in the above left photo, would be protected and remain private for the homeowners.  The extra land available, with just a small portion visible in the sunset photo above right,  spills down the mountain. with an amazing concentration of saguaros.  On average, it takes 40 years for the first arm to come out, as they normally grow an inch a year.

Aerial views of the home, looking West (above)   and toward the East.  The nature trail leaves here.  Exceptional Aerial helicopter photography provided by Air Photo, Inc.   Reach them at:  1-800-879-6235

A Wider view of the European-style cabinets             Warm gathering place in front of the Great  Room fireplace

Family play area adjacent to the main home                Beautiful curved "boveda-style" inverted  hallway ceilings

Outdoor patios surround the home. This faces South       To the Northwest, the Spur Cross Nat'l Recreation Area

View of the Westside of the home, from the Nature Trail, which drops down to a small, quiet sitting area

Complete media room with multi-layered floor            Wood-paneled elevator                  Formal Dining Area


Aerial photo on the left shows approximate property lines on the entire 75 acre parcel.  This option is no longer available in the short sale .  The road in the upper left corner of the photo is Fleming Springs Road, the main road to the home.  The winding road on the right side of the property is Sierra Vista. Parcels included in the short sale 36 acre purchase include the 15 acres the home is on, and two 10 acre parcels, directly to the West, or right side of the photo.

This home, which by the way, is also a horse property, is in Cave Creek, Arizona, which started as a Western town on the stagecoach and old cavalry road in the 1800's.

Today, along with next-door-neighbor Carefree,  these twin towns have evolved into one of the world's most sought-after addresses.  What grizzled miner could ever have imagined the homes that grace these spectacular locations as they gazed up from the hot and dusty trails!

Thanks for discovering Real Estate Gold! Find out more about Cave Creek by hitting the Cave Creek button at the top of the page.

We're sorry to say that the tour is over, and we've opened the gate for your trip back into town.


You know they say that pictures can never fully give you the feeling of "what it's really like" to be anywhere.

So now. . . think about returning in-person to experience this extraordinary mountain-top sanctuary yourself.  Call Preston Westmoreland to arrange for your visit today.  602-377-0060   Please see below for information on flying into area airports to visit this residence.  Please check out all the valuable links below. We have composite maps of the land, Wall St. Journal feature, video tours, and an entire land page which can answer more of your questions.  Thank you!  Note:   THIS PROPERTY IS NOW SALE PENDING!  Thank you.

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Please hit browser "Back" button after viewing. When accessing the Fox 10  video tour, which takes you to, be sure to click on "watch higher quality" under the lower right corner of the screen.  The picture is far clearer!

You can also click on this button access a pdf file containing a map of all the parcels. Composite Land Map                Requires Adobe Reader.  Get Adobe Reader


        Spectacular Fleming Springs Sunset from the property
Visiting by Air?  We can make arrangements! Two of the top corporate and general aviation airports are nearby-Scottsdale Airport (SDL) and Deer Valley Airport. (DVT), which has higher weight limits for larger aircraft.  John Travolta prefers to fly his Quantas 707 jet into Deer Valley, as you see to the left.   For aircraft under 12,500 lbs., we can clear you as our guest at the exclusive Carefree Skyranch (AZ18), must minutes from this spectacular Cave Creek home. Contact us at: 602-377-0060. Flights to Skyranch must be pre-arranged. No Pop-ins allowed.  Thank you!