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Buy It, Use It, or Preserve It! What would you do with the largest parcel of land available in Scottsdale?  See the "thought starters" listed below!   This 117 acres rises to 4900 ft. with scattered pines,  stunning city light views of the Phoenix area, and containing the Gold Hill Spring! This is about the coolest location in hot Phoenix summers.  This unique property is also the site of Gold Hill, the areas most-famous and historic gold property discovered in 1874,  comprised of 6 patented claims.  The land  features several level sites for wilderness homes, near the spring, and with stunning city light views! Gold Hill is perfect for the unique buyer who wants complete seclusion and privacy.   This land has a myriad of potential uses for investors, limited only by your imagination.   MLS # 4357333 Listed at $ 2.79 million dollars

 What are people using old mines and remote sites like this for?

1)  Historical park, or wilderness preservation-perhaps even a mine tour and a re-creation of this historic operation from 1874. or just preserve it for future generations as a park, or tourist destination, hiking area.  The Chinese government turns many of the former mine sites into  "Mineral Parks", attracting large interest.   70 mining sites in China have been developed into tourist attractions, although on a much larger scale.  Gold Hill is the most land you can buy in Scottsdale right now. 
2) Celebrity Getaways-who likes the paparazzi?  You can't buy an island in Arizona but this could be the next
     best thing.  And  home sites in Paradise Valley can have a $ 5 million price tag.  Several level sites exist.   
3) Underground research-The Homestake Mine is slated to be converted to an underground physics lab.
4) Green energy generation-wind, solar, and Spanish scientists are studying geothermal generation in old mines
5) Brew beer-Brewer's Caves exist around the world, and were even used by Miller Brewing Company!
6) Communication towers-one nearby mountain contains the radar dome that all aircraft use when flying in the
    area.  There's a huge demand for new cell towers and communication conduits.
7) Archive and data storage-being used around the country to save everything from
    genealogy data, to classic Hollywood movies, utilizing the constant temperature and humidity.
8) Growing algae for bio-fuel-a huge emerging industry. U. of Missouri scientists think it's possible in old mines,
     using new kinds of LED technology for the a light source!
9) Radon medical treatments-as is being done  experimentally by mines near Helena, Montana. 
10) Wine Cellars-check out the noted wine storage areas of  the Circova Mine in Moldova.
11) Wilderness B &B operation-for hikers, outdoor lovers and other eco-tourists seeking solitude and natural      beauty.  For example, geology students who also want to get experience watching a small mining operation.
12) Possible uses of  gold tailings in fertilizers and plant products-people were surprised when Kitty Litter took
     off, made from clay, and Ironite for plants, which is a mining by-product.
13) Underground hotels-in Australia's Opal mines, and other world-wide sites.
14) Growing plants that love darkness and various degrees of humidity-such as mushrooms, storing cheese.
15) Innovative and self-sustaining housing prototypes, such as Arizona's pioneering Arcosanti by Paolo Soleri.
 16) Bar in the Desert, Jeep tours!  In the Buckskin Mountains, near Parker, Arizona, thousands flock to a popular remote bar at an old mining camp, at the Nellie E. Saloon.      By the way  the trip to this 117 acres is an exciting one that adventurous types would love to experience.  The area has scattered pines, is much cooler than Phoenix, and has extraordinary views of the city below.
Off the grid power systems can be done with solar panels, and now, lithium battery storage. An effective system can be installed for less than $50,000.  For info on going off the grid, contact Advanced Energy Systems in Scottsdale. Contact SeanJohnson at 602-358-9034.  We found these uses in several minutes on the internet, what could you envision for this property?  This situation can never be duplicated again!!!  See the video tour on Vimeo.com:  Gold Hill Mine and Property Tour

Above, Gold Hill seen from the South.  Several homesites are tucked away in a canyon over the ridge, by the Gold Hill spring, see photos below.  Level sites are on the original locations of the boarding and bunkhouse, and blacksmith shop.  There is no other parcel for sale as large, in Scottsdale.  Also, below, the view you have from those potential home sites, taken in the highlands of Gold Hill.   For Chinese Buyers:  中文 

Above, trough where the early miners piped down water for their use, and right, water seeping down the hill, from the Gold Hill spring.
Nearby and photo below, is the main discovery tunnel that bores through the entire mountain. In the summer, a nice cool breeze comes out of the mine. Could this be put to use for a residence or eco-lodge?

See the unusual "tomahawk" shape of this parcel below.  This is because of the combination of  six separate patented claims put together  in an unusual fashion.  Much of the 117 acre parcel has not been developed or fully explored. The mountain with exposed reddish rock, visible in the photo    (below right)  is just a small portion of the Gold Hill land parcel.

GIS photo with yellow

Below, see the original shapes of the patented claims, that combine for the "tomahawk" parcel

patented claims patented claim Lion Claim

Gold Hill Spring

Gold Hill Spring, identified  on USGS Maps,  is easy to spot, with the large green trees in a canyon on the West side of the property.  Miners and settlers historically used the spring, and piped water down to various locations near the mine, including this cattle trough. Photo right, spring rains produce a series of small falls below the spring.

Getting there:  The Gold Hill property is less than 3 miles from paved Cave Creek road and about 10 miles from Carefree.  It is completely encircled by the community of Desert Mountain,  make by this gate, below left.  There's a perpetual access agreement from the gate to the mine property.  A short section of US Forest Road # 3209,  leads to the gate. (photo below right) Once inside the gate, the road is regularly graded and maintained to the property site. Springtime features a variety of wildflowers including California poppies, making for a beautiful trip in.


 aerial of mine road
The Trip There

In this aerial overview of the route to the mine, it begins with Old Mine Road in Tonto Hills which becomes Tonto National Forest road # 3209. The arrow marks a locked access gate to the mine (seen in the photo above), which continues over the rise and winds down to the property.  Total distance from paved Cave Creek Road to the farthest tunnel entrance is 3.8 miles.

Gold Hill has been the mine that few knew about, despite the fact that it's easily seen from North Scottsdale and Carefree. The road to the mine is gated, the entrance locked. The former Carefree Enterprise Magazine declared that it was "almost impossible to find more than a brief mention of the once famous mine in the libraries of Phoenix." It was said that the area was initially mined by an English company, who took the gold ore out by mule and ox teams down the Mexican Hat wash to Cave Creek, then by wagon train to Prescott. According to the Carefree Enterprise,, trains then hauled the ore to San Francisco, to be carried overseas to English smelters. The main ore zone was mined heavily between 1884 and 1898, by workers who lacked modern mining equipment and knowledge. Operating under great difficulties, these early-day operators sank four shafts. Dumps on the site are minimal as everything mined was sent to "recovery."

 Highlights of the road include the stunning Mexican Hat Wash, seen below from these ridgeline shots.  Early miners took the ore out by burro along this wash, down to Cave Creek.

gold hill from the spring

From the location where this photo was taken, near Gold Hill Spring, early miners had run pipes down from the spring to a concrete water trough for a source of good, clean water. Although the property is just across the mountains from luxury golf courses and high-end communities,  visitors to Gold Hill remark on the total silence and seclusion of the area.  While overlooking the entire Phoenix area, a unique wilderness with only the sounds of wildlife and wind. Truly remarkable!

Remnants of the historic mining days remain at Gold Hill.  (below, left)  A Cargo container and thousands of core samples from drilling by a Canadian company.   (right) The main Discovery Tunnel that reportedly leads through the entire mountain and was one of the earliest. What a unique bunker or getaway could this make?

 core samples mine tunnel

(photo below) Topo Maps- (below right) showing location of Gold Hill Spring.  Topo map courtesy of Topoquest.com where you can order and research topos. Photo on the right is the area shown in the topo. Note the green trees in the canyon half-way up, where the spring is located.
Large topo map below is of the parcel, from Maricopa County

Gold Hill Spring

A hiker's and explorers paradise-from rock climbing to spelunking! From the desert with cactus to high ridges with pine trees....and all of this, in Scottsdale!

Below, historical level sites for the boarding house and bunkhouse, that could be the location of a homesite

Below, near the original Lyon claim, there's a drive to a level area that could be one of the mountain's greatest view homesites, surrounded by imposing rock cliffs to the North, overlooking a picturesque valley to the South and mine tunnels above, see the views below of this dream wilderness or eco-lodge location!

Below, the site up close and views across the picturesque valley

A hiker's paradise, challenging rock-climbing, A spring to relax by, vistas of over 100 miles, cooler temps, cleaning air, and all a short distance from world-class challenging golf courses , restaurants, wine bars and shopping!  Escape to your own world at Gold Hill!

 (photos below) Covered vertical shaft high up near the buttes, and several views of the Carefree and Phoenix area. Imagine the views at night.  No city lights when the miners were here in the 1800's!


Are you ready for a tour, or need more information?  This property has been reduced to $ 2.79 million dollars. If you'd like to know more about real estate possibilities at Gold Hill, contact Preston Westmoreland, at Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty in Carefree, Arizona. We would be happy to provide prospective buyers with all available  reports and information. A tour of the property can  also be arranged. Please, qualified buyers only.  Please note that Gold Hill is protected by locked gates and under no circumstances should potential buyers visit the property unless accompanied by the listing agents. Call Preston at 602-377-0060.  For full information on Gold Hill-assays, historical reports, media coverage and more, visit the webpage:   Gold Hill
See a video tour of the property by clicking on the button:Video Tour of Gold Hill