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Fortress of Stone! Carefree's most dramatic and coveted home site in exclusive Carefree Grandview Estates, ready to sell at $399,000  Almost 3 acres   35415 N. Ridgeway  Dr 
MLS # 5580742   See the new video tour in HD on  Lot 5 Video Tour

Kept in private ownership for decades, and now released for immediate sale, Fortress of Stone  may be one of Carefree's last great property finds!  Destined  to be the location for one of Carefree's most famous residences.  See this photo above, taken by aircraft, to display the grandeur of the nearly three acre wonderland of rocks and boulders, an astonishing work of nature.    Some of the top architects  and builders in the state have walked the property and  envisioned the stunning home that could be built in the "notch" at the top.  The home, on Lot 5,  would be accessed by a driveway in the rear  of the property with a variety of home configurations possible.

Who would think that such a rugged piece of land with soaring cliffs, would have a hidden notch in the middle, the Ironwood Tree Gap, with more level areas to enjoy, amidst stunning rocks formations!

Below, left,  views to the south from the "Notch" and on the right, views on the property looking North

Below, the imposing face of The Fortress of Rock, with a possible home site on the top,

Gated Carefree Grandview Estates is the top-address in Carefree, near the famous Boulders Resort!
The lot is visible in the distance above the Grandview sign.
Below, approximate property lines of the triangular-shaped parcel, on the right, one on the architects evaluating the site and possible layouts. Building site could have a stylistic bridge over to it, or a winding driveway from further down.  Plat map for lot 5, zoned R-70.  Setbacks are front and rear, 60 feet, sides, 30.  A mountain review will be required by the Town of Carefree, but if the seller can set aside a portion of the lot for Natural area, Open Space, the town will be willing to adjust the setbacks!
See the plat map:           Lot 5 plat map

Photo above, left   The area near the "notch in the rocks" with views to the South and city lights.
Above right, whimsical-shaped rocks with a profusion of Spring wildflowers, are scattered throughout
Below, the area below the notch (where the Ironwood tree is)  Builders regularly move the surface rocks out of the way to expand building envelopes.

Photos below show some of the whimsical rock shapes, and views from the property.

Building in rocks?  No problem. Architect/Builder Gerry Jones is one of the national experts in "rock engineering" building in rocky environs.  He and other architect  builders have constructed some of the greatest homes in the country incorporating the rocks into the surrounding residences.  See below for other examples.   Elsewhere in Carefree, on a much larger scale, this 18,000 square-foot home (below left) was recently finished by the Wrigley Family.  Some have said that Lot 5 has some of the same feel and  character as the Wrigley site, albeit on a much smaller scale.  Photo on the right, K.T. Palmer's house, co-founder of Carefree, bridging a wash along Stagecoach Pass. Scroll down for two other dramatic examples of building in the rocks. . . .


Photo above left, the historic Tom Darlington house, perched on massive boulder outcroppings, with a wine cellar down in the rocks!  Above right, famous Boulder Reign, site of many famous movies, including Zabriskie Point and Bob Hopes "Cancel my Reservations"  The rocks of "Fortress of Stone", Lot 5, are just to the left of Boulder Reign residence.  And below, the granddaddy of them all, the world-famous Boulder House built in a pile of rocks?  The only Arizona home to earn a cover on Architectural Digest.  What masterpiece would YOU construct on "Fortress of Stone?"

Below, on the North side of the property, as you work your way up to potential building sites, a wonderland of rocks surrounds you. Like having your own Personal Park!

Below left, utilities on the property, on the right, flatter area near the Ironwood Tree gap

Above, view of the Boulder Resort rock pile from the top of the property, in the Gap.
Below, left, one architect thought this alcove could make an amazing spot for a hidden spa! 
Below right, another angle of gated Carefree Grandview Estates, with Lot 5 in the background.

Above, left  North side of the property, near potential building sites.  Many of he large boulders are sitting on the ground and can be moved and relocated with large equipment.  Upper right,  A field of jumbled boulders.  Much of the area resembles the famous movie location in California, the Alabama Hills.  Note in the photo that the left side of Black Mountain is shale and slate the right side, the ancient granite boulders.  Below, an aerial view of the highest potential building area, near Ironwood Gap.

Below, the North side of Lot 5,  wonderland of rocks, where access to a residence would be

Below, Boulders and the Boulders.....Giant balanced boulders on the site, and in the distance, the famous "rockpile" of the Boulders Resort...all part of the same geologic land form.  This property is like having your own private part, and reminds people of California's famous "Alabama Hills" where many famous Western movies and tv shows were filmed!

Above left, flat area near Ironwood Gap, in the notch, right, numerous caves and alcoves.  What a place for a private spa, or wine cellar? Below, the West end of the property, by Ridgeview Road

Like to see more.    Call us to arrange a personal visit to the site of the "Fortress of Stone"  Carefree doesn't have many of those spectacular and distinctive home sites available any more. This is one of the last!    Call Preston at 602-377-0060.   Reduced for immediate sale to $399,000. This is over 1/2 million less than a recent comp sale in Grandview!  Seize the deal!
See the video tour now:  Lot 5 Video Tour