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This amazing residence was designed by Gerry Jones, Carefree's landmark architect and a pioneering expert in "rock engineering," constructing homes in difficult rocky locations.   Jones also helped to author the Maricipa County hillside ordinance which all builders must adhere to, on steep terrain.  It's easy to admire the beautiful lines of the finished home, but look below and see some rare photographs recently found, that depict the initial stages of site prep and construction, to get this home into the area it's in.  Surely, a huge added value to purchasing this home. 
Below, workers chain a giant boulder for safety during the blasting operation.  All the rock under the blue-shirted man was removed to make room for the lower bedrooms!



Below the large exterior base wall being constructed. Some portions are up to 13 feet high!


Below the "Bride and Groom" formations on the hill, initial site preparation and foundation work continues. The  truck sits on the main level of the home, where it is delivering concrete and grout.



Above,  constructing the arch that looks out over the garden area.
Below, transporting the enormous rock, found in the pool area, up to it's location, on the lower floor, surrounded by the dramatic staircase!


Below, the pool areas being constructed.   The inside of the pool retention wall was being damp-proofed, in a two-step process. Two boulders are visible that had yet to be removed.  On the left, you'll see a typical view of the footing excavation and reinforcing steel for the swimming pool retaining wall.
Below are two photos of the classic pool design when it was finished!


Below, drilling and rock-splitting for the lower bedrooms


Below, right, The bedroom wall built under a boulder to support it.  The boulder to the right will be removed.  Special reinforced columns of concrete are behind the wall to help further support the boulder above.  These photos demonstrate the incredible engineering that went into construction of this iconic home! Below these photos is the bedroom, located where the rocks had to be removed! Amazing!


It's called "extreme mountain engineering" and Carefree is famous for it.  The art of fitting a home into a rugged home site and keeping everything natural around it.  This Carefree home is a prime example, built into the spectacular granite boulders of Black Mountain.  Architect and builder Gerry Jones perfected this style of building, he constructed the first home in Carefree, built the original homes for the two founders of Carefree, and also designed this villa as well.  This view is looking from the Northwest to the Southeast with the signature Boulder Resort rock pile visible,  then Lone Mountain, Pinnacle Peak and the McDowell Mountains. You can see Camelback Mountain protruding on the right of the photo.  Watch the video tour!  Villa in the Desert   Go back to the main page:  See more about this home!
Below, Dramatic rock walls on the finished home, and a look at the parcel it was built on.


Some of the views you'll see from this home on Black Mountain are below. . . .

praying monk rock