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Just Sold! $1,114,723 Thanks for your interest!  Sold to Freeport McMoran mining company.
Ten Reasons to buy the Wild Horse Ranch. . .
1) Over 32 million gallons a year in surface water rights, plus two wells!
2) 620 acres included, almost a full section of land, with views that rival a National Park!
3) A Safe Haven in politically-troubled times, Double-gated and relatively unknown
4) Huge level cleared areas suitable for a vineyard, other plantings or buildings
5) Paved and protected Bagdad Airport 3.5 miles away, nearby town facilities.
6) Residence included, partial subterranean 3 level home, suitable for bunker or fortress
7) Same driving distance from Phoenix as Flagstaff is.  Lower elevation for easier access
8) Interstate 11, providing easier access to Bagdad, approved by the Senate, on fast track
9) Reduced in price to $ 1.55 million, $2500/acre.  Of 71 Flagstaff pine country land parcels, none were less than $19,500/ac, and many starting  at $35,000, without surface water rights
You investment dollar goes much farther at this remarkable location!
10) Miles of spectacular riding and hiking trails, along with 27 local springs identified. No, the view below is not of Yosemite, or Zion. . .it's the vista you'll enjoy from the property!

 Wildhorse Ranch at Boulder Creek offered for $ 1.55  million-Discovered and purchased by a pilot who found this secret valley.  620 acres with Eco-friendly partial subterranean home that could serve as a headquarters home, even serve as a fortress or bunker.  This double-gated discovery is just 3.5 miles from Bagdad, and the secure Bagdad Airport.  The perfect fly-in retreat. 
Included in this almost Full Section of land, are expansive, level  and cleared areas, ready for farming, winery, or building, with  3/4 mile of tree-lined Boulder Creek, winding along the property amidst large cottonwood and sycamore trees.  The Arizona Wine Grower's Association says this elevation of 4260 is perfect for a wine operation. 
You may be surprised that the Wild Horse is just over a two hour drive from Phoenix and just one hour from Wickenburg!  Near the proposed  Interstate 11, just approved by the Senate and earmarked a "high priority" for completion. Protected and preserved for decades in one of Arizona's most scenic and secret locations. Wildhorse, with unlimited riding trails, 27 springs identified in the area. And around this dream location, views worthy of a National Park. There are rare surface water rights of 100 acre feet  from Boulder Creek. That's over 32 million gallons a year, in addition to the wells on the property.   There are existing arenas, corrals on the site, which can be used or easily removed to make room for more plantings. There's even a new buried fiber optic line laid near the area. 

And on the way in, you'll wind through a wonderland of rocks.      What a place to explore!

What the pilot discovered-a pine-forested basin with a winding river.  Seldom Seen Wildhorse Basin, site of the ranch. This pine-covered basin includes Boulder Creek.
Below, flying along the rim of this geologiic wonder, is the same view the original owner saw, that attracted him to this hidden valley.

Above, large mature cottonwood and sycamore trees line Boulder Creek, running along the property
Below, grantic monolith face, on the property, which lies from the creek, further to the East

Pastoral Boulder Creek flows past monolithic boulders on the property.  100 acre feet of water included
Below, left, charming ranch road through the pines,  right, couple hiking on picturesque granite mound


Now, contrast those rugged panoramas above, with the area near the creek, with  acres of cleared and large, level areas, two wells, an apple orchard with demonstration vineyard plantings,  and lots of potential for a myriad of uses.  There's also a number of perfect areas for stuctures.

Photo below left, part of the entrance road, winding along.      Right, Springtime on Boulder Creek

Below, see the level areas that have been cleared, ready for a vineyard, orchard, home, your dream?
Below, photos of the various areas of cleared land suitable for homes, plantings, vineyard, orchards? Or use the exisiting cutting pens, corrals as well. Barn is not included and has been removed. Note one of the well storage tanks

Storage tank for one of the two wells on the property     Ancient boulders in pines,  covered in lichen
Below, close up of the stables, which has been removed, and leaves another nice level site.
below,  looking North across Wild Horse Ranch, approaching the main area from the South.

Above, the basin floor on the property. Note some of the many cleared areas. 
Photo below, sharp cliffs of the basin's edge

Photo above left, views to the North and above right, signature rock cliffs of Wildhorse Ranch at Boulder Creek. Large and level areas are close by.
The areas varied topography and 570 acres presents a lifetime of exploring. 

Wildhorse Ranch at Boulder Creek (above left)  Cliffs in the afternoon sun, looking North from the property.  (above right) Further downstream, hiking in Spring along brim-full Boulder Creek. The creek flows perennially, as most Arizona waterways do.

What a perfect location for a pilot-minutes from the gated and secure Bagdad public airport. Photos below.  With a 4,000 ft. runway, the airport can handle planes up to 12,500 lbs.  Yavapai County is also studying improving the facilities there.

Above, a wider view of the entire area, showing the historic open copper pit at Bagdad, operated by Freeport McMoran.  Water through Wildhorse Ranch on Boulder Creek flows down from the mountains toward town, not away from it.  Divided highway access to Phoenix 17 miles to the South, site of the proposed Interstate 11, which has now been approved by the Senate and is on a fast-track.  Wickenburg is only one hour away, Phoenix a little more than a 2 hour drive.

Like to see more?  How about seeing it in person? Wildhorse Ranch at Boulder Creek is a rare find, and now you've discovered it!  Offered for $ 1.55  million, and extra land could be available.  Call us for an appointment and tour at 602-377-0060.  You'll see why visitors say "I had no idea forested land like this was near Bagdad!"   A pilot discovered it, now you can enjoy it!    Top  Home

preston photo Nancy Westmoreland
For further information or to tour these properties, call Preston and Nancy Westmoreland, at Russ Lyon Sotheby's International at: 602-377-0060    
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