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(Photo Above) Just a small portion of what's offered on this property.  The SkyDancer Fitness Studio and yoga retreat. This stunning contemporary building of steel and glass shows what you can do in a remote off-the-grid area! There are 14 potential home sites
The Rackensack Mine Property, a legacy off-the-grid discovery, 62 patented acres with a helipad next to Scottsdale!   The Ultimate SAFE HAVEN, your own private enclave, with helipad, in this secluded refuge! Just featured by multiple TV stations in Phoenix, check out this sample story from Fox 10's Brian Webb and the special projects team: Fox 10 Features Rackensack  And also on Newschannel 3    Arizona Morning News Story  Historic Rackensack Mine parcel, 62 patented acres in a memorable and spectacular setting with an approved access easement. Located within the 3 million acres of the Tonto National Forest. Investors-Business Opportunity, popular location for Gold Mine Tours daily, Corporate Retreat, Private estate with, Bed & Breakfast--Development with 14 potential home sites- R190 Currently has 2 structures-2 room guest casita and studio. Own the land that thousands of tourists paid money to visit! at 4500 ft. elevation, enjoy one of the highest view sites with 360 degree panoramas, in Arizona Includes all assets, residential home, buildings, on two parcels: 219-99-012-C and 219-99-012-D. Check out the video tour:     Tour the Rackensack Mine Property MLS 6370897 and also a Residential Listing MLS 6401340
Listed by Barbara Miller and Preston Westmoreland.   offered for $ 5.75 million
Below, rare helipad next to Scottsdale, just a 13 minute ride from Scottsdale Airport!
Take a helicopter flight into the Rackensack: Rackensack Helicopter Flight!

When you have 1.4 million properties listed on, and the editors pick one and assign a write to feature it, you can bet its special!  The Rackensack, just featured by  Rackensack on

Below, spectacular road with easement, going through the Tonto National Forest to the property, winding through fields of blooming Mexican poppies in the Springtime!

Below, The Rackensack property consists of three patented gold claims located on two parcels for a total of almost 62 acres, it lies less than 1/4  mile from the Northern boundary of the City of Scottsdale.  Entry is off Seven Springs Road, with an easement through the Tonto National Forest.


Above, passengers arriving by helicopter. a rare helipad on the property. Rackensack mine staging area and entry is on the right down the hill.  Having such a nice helipad is a real asset.  The property can be reached in 13 minutes from Scottsdale Airport.  As you may know, helipad's are now severely restricted by Scottsdale, Phoenix Carefree and Cave Creek and banned at Skyranch, so this is a huge advantage in reaching the property within minutes of the Phoenix area. The property has 14 potential home sites, five of which have been prepared.

The Rackensack Mine provides a glimpse into the rich history of this storied land.  Its also been a big money-maker, with thousands of tourists paying up to $ 100 for a guided tour into the level and lit tunnels. There's even an observation platform that looks down the shaft to the lower tunnel.  There's a covered staging area right outside the shaft as well.  There are many uses for old mining tunnels, besides mining ore, and although this one has proven itself as a tourist draw, here's a link on how mining tunnels are been re-purposed all over the world. Uses for Older Mine Tunnels
Below, the Great Room inside the mine. Take a "speed tour" of the mine:   Rackensack Mine "Speed Tour"

Below, Outdoor patio of the SkyDancer Fitness Studio and Yoga Retreat, a trendy, demonstration project that amazes all who see it. It shows what is possible at this property.


How can you have water for decades with no well, while lake levels such as at Lake Mead plummet to record lows? The technology and engineering that make it all possible will impress you.  To see full electric lighting, a hot and bubbling spa off-the-grid, ready to enjoy, is the result, with panoramic views of the  national forest vistas, as well as the rainwater harvesting system with large storage tanks by the building. There are six storage tanks on the property with a combined capacity of 15,000 gallons. 

It's made possible by the SunChaser and Solar Suite and Work Station, just above, located on one of the largest building pads.  Solar Power, back up generator, complete with a nifty place to hang out and enjoy the wilderness setting!  Just how does the rain harvesting system work?  It's provided plenty of water for the last 18 years.  See more here:   Rain Harvesting System And here's a look at why the severe drought continues in the West, but the Rackensack water system  has overcome that:   A Water Overview

Photo above,  SkyDancer Fitness Studio and Yoga Retreat on the left, Sun Chaser Solar Suite and work station on the right, located on the largest building pad.
Photo below, Sanctuary Mountain home and studio, and double casitas. All the comforts of home shows what can be done with off-the-grid engineering.


Above, main living area of the home, with full kitchen.  Below, the outside patio with extraordinary views to the North. It might become your favorite area!  Where else could you see a rainbow,  or clouds, that were BELOW you?

Below, the casita is the second of the rammed-earth structures, and is a place your guests may not want to leave!  Each one has a small kitchenette, bath, and striking hand-made copper fireplaces, plus private patios with mountain views off the bluff! the North casita is below, then the South further down.

Below, aerial view of the top of the mountain with home, casita, helipad, mine entrance, Fitness studio and other facilities.

Below, topo map with potential homesites and wellsites identified.

The profusion of Mexican poppies along the road on the way up, rivals anything you'll see in the Golden State.  And on the property, there are numerous sitting areas, places to relax.
Below,  an official Maricopa County weather station! The weather station broadcasts info and rain totals to the internet, where you can log onto Maricopa County rainfall measuring stations and see the results for Rackensack Canyon.
This recent storm dropped .71 inches at the Rackensack gauge, and using the "rain harvesting" gave the sellers almost 1300 more gallons of water in the tanks. An amazing off-grid technique!

Below, several other pictures inside the mining tunnels, and a look at the shafts dropping to lower levels.  Ole Rackensack (below right) would be proud!

Ready for your personal tour of this rare legacy property?  We would love to introduce
 qualified buyers to this 62 patented acre discovery.  Co-listed by Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty unique property specialists Barbara Miller (602-920-0111)   and Preston Westmoreland (602-377-0060)  for any questions and tour requests.  Sellers appreciate a 24-hour notice.  Offered for $ 5.75 million   MLS 6370897