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The Boulders Resort 

There's no shortage of accolades when it comes to the Boulder Resort!  Recently celebrating their 29th anniversary, after being founded by Rusty Lyon, the Boulders is one of the world's most astonishing resorts, now owned by The Waldorf Astoria Collection, the luxury division of Hilton Hotels,  who have elevated the Boulders Resort to one of the world's most elite.  The Boulders had been voted the Number One Hideaway Resort in the Robb Report's prestigious list 14 years in a row!  The golf course is so fantastic that Golf Magazine announced in March of 2008, that the Boulders Resort earned a Platinum ranking--the magazine's first ever!!  The A Position, the world's leading golf-travel website recently released it's "A" list of "Best Golf Resorts in the US" and included the Boulders in the Top Ten.  The Boulders, along with the Golden Door Spa, received the highest accolade ever awarded to a golf resort.  That's why this property has become legendary.  Casitas hidden away in the rocks, world-class-dining on only organic and natural foods, a multi-million-dollar spa, just part of the charm.  And you can live there! On the Boulders gated property, a variety of homes in private enclaves-an adobe village, golf-course homes, townhouses, places that look like they came out of a Flintstones movie!  We preview the homes on the market every week and can show you the best. There are some incredible deals to be made right now with superb golf course views!  Ask us! While in town visiting, we can take you for a tour of this unique area by Hummer.  We can also have you fly into nearby Skyranch, as our guests.  Depend on the Sotheby's name and Russ Lyon's 60-year track record of marketing the area's finest luxury homes. As 30 year residents of Carefree, we'll show you what a unique area this is.  And remember you can always stay up-to-date with local events and real estate news on our blog:

Take a quick photo tour below and if you need more information, click on the Boulders official link, on the bottom.See a tour of a home in the Boulders


    Stunning landscaping  showcases the Casitas            Spectacular golf courses ringed by desert


       The Boulders signature rock pile with casitas      Look carefully for the rooms and path to them!


 Within walking distance, festive El Pedregal mall         Classy single-family homes on the golf course

   Carefree Entrance     

     The Northern Half of the Boulders is in Carefree              The landmark Boulders 'Rock Pile"   


 For more information, rates and reservations go to The Boulders Resort Official Site    The BouldersBack                                                                                                                                                    

This area is home to some of the most astonishing homes in the country. See a tour of a home just south of the Boulders Resort, actually built inside a pile of rocks!!  Unbelievable!  Click here:  Boulder House