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Extraordinary Homes and other TV coverage Diane Ryan and Preston

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The Boulder House  This is an historic tour. See the inside of this 8,000 sq. ft. home built inside a pile of boulders near Carefree. The home was called "The Best House in America" by Stanley Marcus. 
MUST SEE!   SOLD!  The home was sold in 2006 to Ft. McDowell Indian Nation  for $ 4.8  million

The Home That Estrogen Built      The most unique home EVER built inside the exclusive Boulders Resort area.  A living art museum with amazing features  around every corner.  Check out the huge triangular door, water moat around the fireplace, and gemstones embedded in the floor. This home is not longer offered for sale.

Moutain-top estate Mountain top estate in Cave Creek,

Tour this mountain-top hideaway  featured by the Wall St. Journal, built on 75 acres. There is no home like it anywhere. Fox 10 News said it was one of the greatest homes they've ever featured.    This home, with 54 acres, was sold in October of 2012 for $3.8 million.  Preston takes the Fox 10 cameras inside with Diane Ryan for "Cool House."  Scroll down to see other TV stations take a look inside!

       Skyranch aerial

Carefree Skyranch Fox 10 Tour
 Luxury home on the runway at one of America's most exclusive fly-in airparks. See the largest hangar ever built on a private home there. Diane Ryan of Fox 10 features it on "Cool House.   We sold this home for $ 2.6 million It is not currently offered for sale. See another featured TV show on this same house below!


Carefree Skyranch  KTVK Tour  Two different tours of the same phenomenal home.  This tour done by the excellent "Home Sweet Home" feature by Sue Breding on Arizona's News Channel, Channel 3 in Phoenix. See how different they are! This home, by the way, was not only an airport home, but has a golf course lot on the Desert Forest Golf Course.   SOLD!  


Paradise Valley Dude Ranch Impressive remodel job unlike anything in the area. Surrounded by million-dollar mansions, this quaint complex was rumored to be an early dude ranch in Paradise Valley.  Loaded with art objects from around the world, it has the look of an eclectic museum.   A rare look into a  unique property!   

Sunset Sky The Jewel of Terravita   A one-year top to bottom remodel of a home in this popular Del Webb community near Carefree.  One of the first homes there ever to be featured on a TV tour. You'll see why!  Available for sale,  please contact us.

Fox 10 news truckFox 10 tours an incredible home! A tour of one of the hottest homes in the Phoenix area, a $ 4.3 million mansion in Estancia, about to hit the market, in foreclosure, listed for #$ 1.3 million.  Preston Westmoreland predicted on -camera that the home would sell in one day, and it did, for $ 100,000 above the asking price.  Calls came in from all over the nation, and the first morning, 45 realtors called requesting tours.  This home is no longer available, but fun to watch!

Skyranch adobe home

 Fox 10 tours a Skyranch Adobe Home and Hangar tour of this carefully and historically-crafted adobe home on the Skyranch runway and backing to the world-famous Desert Forest Golf Course.  See the famous fireplace invented in the 1700's by Count Rumford, adobe craftsmanship and wood that was triple-soaked in Scandinavian Tung oil to survive the harsh desert climate. Available for sale, 8550 E. Autoplane Drive, for $ 1.675 million.

gold hill mine

CBS5 KPHO ventures deep into historic Gold Hill Mine! A tour of one of Maricopa County's most expensive listing, historic $12.9 million dollar Gold Hill mine in Scottsdale. Journey in with Katie Baker and the news crew as they join Preston and encounter a rattlesnake in the tunnel! Ooffred for sale, and reduced from $43 million,  on Old Mine Road.

Gold hill with name on photo

ABC15's Brian Webb explores Gold Hill  This was the first TV coverage of this 117 acre property, discovered back in 1874, and surrounded by the luxury golf community of Desert Mountain.  The San Francisco Chronicle announced the big gold find in one of their editions and many forty-niners headed for the Cave Creek Mining District to seek their fortune.

Spanish Colonial Masterpiece on Marlette Ave in Paradise Valley with Diane Ryan on Fox10. Temporarily Unavailable.European flair mark this exquisite Paradise Valley property showcased by Fox10.  The Casita looks like it came out of a Fairy Tale and you'll marvel at the workmanship that created the inverted brick ceilings of the formal dining room and wine room. Broadcasted Monday March 16th, 2012.

Preston and Diane

See the Phoenix-area's highest available view property on a ridge high atop Carefree's Black Mountain! This residence, protected by two private gates, is on 13 acres 27 stories above the summit of Piestewa Peak. It's a home that can never be duplicated again.  The owners show what can be done in a contemporary remodel of a Santa Barbara-style home.  It's also unusual in that there are many flat, wide areas surrounding the home for entertaining.  Offered for sale at $3.49 million. Broadcasted Monday, July 30, 2012.

mansion on a mountain

CBS5 picks the Fleming Springs home as one of "Phoenix's Greatest Real Estate Deals!"CBS 5 has chosen our fantastic 75 Acre Private Estate as "The Best Deal in Phoenix" and veteran reporter Katie Baker and crew spent several hours at the property  preparing a story to air on their CBS 5 Morning Show.  This home has now been reduced from $16.3 million to $ 6.4 million 

CNN was in Town!!   Thanks to the crew and photographer Stevan Pope for visiting the historic 117-acre Gold Hill gold mine, Scottsdale's biggest land offering and Maricopa County's most expensive listing.   Watch the story right now:    CNN Money's Feature on Gold Hill   Also, just in:  London's Daily Mail features Gold Hill:  Daily Mail
CNN at Gold Hill CNN mine interview CNN on cliff

preston on desert survival preston survival tips Preston with Rick and Andrea
Preston Westmoreland was asked to broadcast from Piestewa Peak Park July 3 morning  with Rick and Andrea on Fox10 News, to provide expertise in desert survival techniques while an ongoing search for a hiker continued in the Superstition Mountains.  He demonstrated an EPIRB device (above left) , which can send a pulse of encoded information on your ID and location to a satellite, within seconds of being activated. Sadley, the 55 year old hiker, Kenny Clark, was found dead five days later, only one mile from the trailhead where he had left.  Hundreds of searchers had combed over 265 sq. miles of territory, showing how elusive the desert can be. Clark was found under a tree.   Hiker's Body Found
Watch the broadcast: Preston Westmoreland on Desert Survival