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Town of Carefree

Carefree scenic photo

K.T. Palmer house
It was 1946, at the Adams Hotel in Phoenix, where K.T. Palmer and Tom Darlington agreed that some day, they would like to plan a town from scratch.  Those dreams were realized in the early 1960's, when the Carefree Development Company was formed, and construction of the town began, centered around the "Largest Sundial in the World,"  Carefree quickly became the favorite location for many of the nation's business leaders and  celebrities like Dick  Dyke, Hugh Downs and Paul Harvey. who called  it home.  In fact, it was Hugh Downs who donned a leather helmet and made the first landing at the Carefree Skyranch Airport in a vintage biplane!  Now recognized as one of the most exclusive small communities in the nation, the Town of Carefree and it's sister village of Cave Creek, have the "feel" of being out in the country, yet so close to the amenities of a major metropolitan area.  Carefree and Cave Creek have an amazing variety of top-rated restaurants, antique shops and quaint stores. The Boulders Resort has earned the #1  Resort in the World in the Robb Hideaway Report, 14 years in a row! The Desert Forest Golf Course (on the right of the runway) opened in 1964 and was in the top 100 Golf Courses in the country (Golf Magazine) for40 consecutive years.  Carefree also attracted worldwide attention for their creative street signs! Carefree is also proud of their new Town Center, which hosts a number of weekly activities from Farmer's Markets to free music concerts year-round.  Carefree boasts the second-highest per-capita income in the state,  while Cave Creek retains the old west rural  look and is highly sought-after for their large horse properties, and preserved open spaces like Spur Cross Recreation  Area.
Carefree-Cave Creek Chamber  Aerial tour:Carefree Town Center Tour


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