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See some of the celebrities and newsmakers interviewed over the years! 
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After working for five years as a dj at Dick Van Dyke's KXIV Radio, Preston Westmoreland started a 26 year career at KTAR, and one of the most popular radio shows in Arizona, interviewing over 27,000 newsmakers and celebrities. Twice-nominated to the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago and also inducted into the Arizona Broadcaster's Hall of Fame.  Here's a collection of his favorite interviews and TV appearances. Thanks for enjoying them!
         Preston and the Marconi Award

 (above left) Sheriff Joe Arpaio swears in Preston as a Special    Deputy Captain in the posse.       (photo, above right) Preston displays the Marconi Award, radio's "Oscar", for Best Large Market Radio Personality in the US  .  Both presentations happened within the hour, on his 25th anniversary on the air.  US Congressman J.D. Hayworth presented Preston with the Marconi Aware.  The Tribune newspaper also  ran a front page story on the talk show host in their Sunday Edition that week as well.    



(above left) Unprecedented 2 page feature on Preston's 20th Anniversary    (photo, right)  Flying Magazine selected Preston as their centerfold for flying, as an example of how an airplane is used for business and pleasure. The shoot was done by noted National Georgraphic photographer James Sugar, who also photographed actor Christopher Reeves for the same section. Check these two great KTAR promos voiced by the amazing Al Vanik, and put together by Ken "Spanky" Moskowitz: KTAR Promos for Preston


Voted by Talkers Magazine in the  Top 100 Talk Show Hosts in the nation, six times in a row!

                first pitch

Preston and his long-time co-worker at KTAR Radio, Pat McMahon.  Pat introduced Preston to the audience  for the induction ceremonies into the Arizona Broadcaster's Hall of Fame, during a special dinner at The Buttes Marriott Resort, in October, 2009.  His name was added to the Hall of Fame joining other Arizona broadcasters like Hugh Downs, Steve Allen, Al McCoy "voice of the Phoenix Suns",  Bill Heywood and Buck Owens.   
(photo, above right)  During the Diamondbacks World Series year, Preston got to throw out the first pitch out twice.  Preston insisted the speed of his pitch get clocked! But notice on the scoreboard, the staff making fun of his 47 mile-an-hour throw! See more photos by clicking on the button at the top of the page.
Over the years. Paul Harvey mentioned the Westmoreland's survival videos, Stay Alive! along with some of their other programs. Click on the "Paul Harvey Comments" button to hear some of his many thoughts. 


It was an honor to be part of the team that won The Peabody Award, for our coverage of the Impeachment of Evan Mecham.
Since the impreachment trial was held in morning and afternoon sessions, we were able to grab many of the key witnesses into our studio for midday daily interviews.  We also had the chance to interview Gov. Mecham countless times and actually got along with him quite well.  The highlight, at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans, after the governor had been removed from office, but appeared as a delegate, was when he offered Nancy and I a ride in his chauffeur-driven Cadillac limousine through all the security at the Super Bowl before Reagan spoke. That was quite interesting!


bil heywoodl, me and producer Bill interviews Preston

After one of my last radio broadcasts, being interviewed by Bill Heywood on KFNN Radio in November, 2004. Bill is pictured (above left) with our radio producer, David Moskowitz.  After much encouragement from Bill after I left KTAR, we both had  signed up to enter real estate together  the next month, with Russ Lyon  Realty and went through the same orientation class together.  Hear Bill interview me on KTAR, when I was in China here:  Bill Heywood interviews Preston in China

  pat and preston reunited

Pat McMahon and Preston were reunited after 25 years, in January, 2012, after the death of Bill Heywood for a special broadcast (see below).  What a difference 25 years makes but we never forgot the pose! Photo below left, original KTAR hosts and producers at the planning meeting for the Bill Heywood tribute, from left to right, producer Diane Bonilla, Jay Lawrence, Michael Dixon and Pat McMahon. Below right, during the actual broadcast, which was carried on a radio network to stations in Arizona and Utah, and also recorded on tv. Jeff Scott, longtime KTAR news director is on the left, followed by Tim Hattrick and Bruce Kelley. It was Bruce's first time back on the radio in 12 years, my first time back on KTAR Radio in six years.

planning meeting during the broadcast

  Bill Heywood broadcast crew

Entire member of the broadcast crew and friends assembled after the special two-hour broadcast  that was aired twice on KTA Radio.  One of the friends later photo-shopped this picture and put in another photo of Bill.  Many of us felt he was there with us all along!

Bill Heywood and the group

Preston and Diane Ryan Preston and Katie Baker

Preston is frequently called on to showcase memorable homes in the Phoenix market for television.
above left, Preston and Diane Ryan tour an adobe home and hangar on the runway at Carefree Skyranch for Fox10's "Cool House" feature.  Above right, CBS 5's Katie Baker and crew with Preston on the summit of a private 75 acre mountain with a mansion. Channel 5 described it as Phoenix's Greatest Real Estate Deal! The home was later sold with 54 acres in a short sale for $ 3.8 million dollars and was Cave Creek's biggest sale in over 7 years.

Preston's Radio Pages Photo Gallery Interviews  TV Highlights Paul Harvey comments The List
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