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                        Preston's Radio Photo Album
                  click on the photos to see a larger picture, then remember to SCROLL down below the photos  and see the story behind it!

   Larry King photo    Hugh Downs photo      Sheriff Joe Arpaio  Sam Donaldson      Leslie Nielson    Arizona Lottery
      Larry King                 Hugh Downs             Sheriff Joe Arpaio              Sam Donaldson                Leslie Nielsen          The Arizona Lottery

  Pat and Preston Hall of Fame  Francis Barwood  Billboard     Pat and Preston in jail   Bil Keane
  Pat and Preston           Hall of Fame                Francis Barwood              Billboard Stories                        In Jail                  Bil Keane

      Frank Gorshin                           marie osmond       midday starts
             Frank Gorshin                Itzhak Perlman                     Kent and Patti                           Marie Osmond                Midday Starts

 Edwin Newman   marconi   mccain and deconcini    governor mecham          
 NBC's Edwin Newman         Marconi            McCain & DeConcini           Governor Mecham           McArthur         Tammy Faye

    first pitch   
 Phoenix Magazine        DI R. Lee Ermey                    First Pitch                  Phyllis Diller