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JUST SOLD, FOR THE SECOND TIME!  $1,020,000  A Rare Legacy Property you will treasure.  Off-the-grid views with level homesites on a cliff, at almost 4,000 ft, and patented historic mining land with possible helipad.  Using rain harvesting technology, no need for a well, but you are allowed to dig 6 wells, on on each parcel!  This is where the Cave Creek Museum gets their gold ore from to demonstrate the stamp mill!  See it featured on Fox 10 news:  Last Outpost on Fox 10 For the buyer who demands total privacy and escape in this most unique sanctuary. This rare find is currently the only piece of land available for sale on the entire Continental Mountain! The mine tunnels and remnants of famous mines like the Golden Reef were used as a Hollywood filming location by Adrian Carr (Crocodile Dundee) Possible survival retreat, prepper bug out property with numerous mine tunnels.  The perfect place to test out your 4WD, ATV's on the old mining roads, target shoot, since you are more than 1/4 mile from any residence and border BLM and private land, prospect for gold since you own the mineral rights, use it your own private dream campsite, a multitude of uses at one of the highest & most remote property offerings in the county. Nice level area at the top suitable for a small corral.  Access is from Fleming Springs Road all the way up on the South side, and there is also an easement through BLM land to the East. This land abuts public BLM land for maximum privacy. There are unrestricted views of the valley as well as the Tonto National Forest & Spur Cross National Recreation Area. Located in unincorporated Maricopa County. Six parcels included: 202-99-008 L, M, N, P, Q & R. All mineral rights included!    8545 E. Sierra Vista Dr, in unincorporated Maricopa County.  See the hi def video tour on vimeo:  The Last Outpost Drone Tour
Curious about the trip in there?  We've prepared a five-minute video showing extensive portions of the road and trip. Its one of the most spectacular you will ever be on!  The road trip video. . wow Check out this story just out in the Business Journal Jackpot! Biz Journal Story
Map of BLM easement:
BLM Easement map  
See the gold survey  Gold Survey    

Above, large 40 acre patented land with roads on 4 of the 6 parcels the property. 
Zoning is RU-190.   There are exceptions for patented mining land. Generally, under that zoning, RU-190 zoning has a 5% maximum lot coverage of all roofed structures combined on the property. There can only be one primary residence, with one accessory dwelling unit (guest house) allowed. But the number of structures is not limited, just the max lot coverage for square footage. For example, if the parcel is 200,000 sq ft total, there could be a total of 10,000 sq ft of structure combined
Photo, above right, the access road up the South face of Continental Peak is one of the world's most scenic drives, with controlled access through two gates, so only property owners are allowed in.
Below, approximate location of the property as seen from Cave Creek and the first of two gates, and a view of the engineered road up the spectacular face of Continental Mountain!

Below, its another world ontop of Continental Peak, especially in the spring with wildflower explosions and seasonal waterfalls along the way, with occasional pine trees!

Below, rich mines like the Alexander  claim and nearby Golden Reef, fueled the area gold rush in the  1870s.  In fact, gold ore from the property traveled by 2,000 feet of tram cableway to the valley floor where a large stamp mill had been erected.  By the way, the stamp mill was later moved to the Cave Creek Museum, where it was reassembled and is demonstrated for the public.   The 40 acre property is patented mining land and includes all mineral rights.  Scroll down to photo of ore for a Golden Reef Mining Evaluation report.  Mine photo courtesy of Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott.


Here's a glimpse into the rich history of this storied land, for a lifetime of giving and philanthropy began in this tunnels. Young Horace Steele, the son of famous Mormon settlers Daniel and Maude Steele,  helped out in his father's Cave Creek gold mines, and dairy operation, and Horace later built a fortune in the petroleum and trucking industries. And he set up a foundation to give much of it back to worthy causes, like the Steele Indian Park, or the U of A's Steele Pediatric Center. Real more about their wonderful legacy here.  This 40 acres was half of the Steele property.   Steele Foundation History  If walls could talk. . . . . Photo courtesy Steele Foundation

Photo above, shows main areas of the gold vein on the Alexander claim that were mined. Below, an aerial of the bottom two tunnels. On the bottom right, flat area ontop of the property, with historic Fleming Springs below, identified by an arrow. (not on the property)  Charles Fleming's famous homestead is further down, on the hill on the left.

Below, rise out of the smog and haze to cooler, cleaner air up high, even with pine trees on the land!

Buy your own campground!!!   With cliffside level areas overlooking the valley and Black Mountain!  Can you imagine spending your leisure time perched on a bluff with stunning city light and wilderness views of the Greater Phoenix area.  And not having to worry about anybody intruding.  Your patented private land is double-gated with absolute solitude and privacy.  Not only for a private campground that will always be reserved for you, enjoy any number of activities from rock climbing, hiking, target shooting, prospecting for gold in the famous gold mines on the property (and you can keep what you find because mineral rights are included. From four-wheeling to ATV travel on the mining roads.  You are  surrounded by BLM and private ranch land.  Our thanks to the good looking folks at Kampus Productions! Another super area for camping looks to the Northwest with sweeping views of Elephant Butte, Table Mesa, and the Spur Cross National Recreation area. Second photo below shows the area to the right of this, check it out.

Photo above, drone aerial looking toward the North, showing the top of the property (look for the Yellow Hummer!)  and level areas, and wonderful recreation areas beyond.  Table Mesa is on the left, Skull Mesa in the middle.  There are miles of roads to explore on the BLM land,  miles of hiking in Spur Cross National Recreation Area and the Tonto National Forest beyond.  Over the top hill, the property spills down along the quartz vein with remnants of old mines and tunnels. 
Below, the all weather road that serves the property is among one of the most scenic drives imaginable as it climbs to 4,000 feet with commanding views of the valley of the sun.  The short access road for the property traverses Bureau of Land Management land, which surrounds most of the property for total privacy and isolation. Photo lower left, access road at the bottom, right, final road into the property. Left fork goes to the upper mines and large flat view site, on the right, the road drops to the bottom tunnels and accessing the West parts of the property. In the distance, the famous Elephant Butte and Table Mesa, Cave Creek landmarks, and near the Spur Cross National Recreation Area.

Above, what a road! Note the drainage protection as it climbs up the South face of Continental Peak, the highest mountain in the area. Looks closely at the horizon here, and you'll see the legendary Weaver's Needle in the Superstition Mountains.
Below, when you clear the cut at the top, enjoy a commanding view of the entire Phoenix area, the same views you'll have from the 40 acre property!


Below, aerial photo of the upper and lower main portions of the property.

Below, from the top of the property, where there's a circular drive, gaze over the cliff at the rugged mountain scenery. Turn a little bit to the right, and see the view below this, notice Black Mountain!

Below, a pile of gold ore near the top, and the quartz vein in the highly-mineralized zone,  that carries the gold.  Mine tunnels have many uses, even those not being worked for ore.  People will use them for bunkers and shelters, storage of material, and nearby tunnels were even used in a Hollywood production recently.  Can you believe we found 18 uses!  Check this out:  Uses for Older Mine Tunnels

Photos above,  the Cave Creek Museum, on a recent trip, had their volunteers gather gold ore for the impressive stamp mill operations they do each month.  Check out the video of the tour.   
Trip to Gather Gold OreLook below, we've put up a large photo of the super highly-mineralized ore that threads itself  up and down the property. If it wasn't so valuable, what an attractive building stone it would make!
Here's a report and gold analysis of claims: Golden Reef Mining Valuation

Below, Nearby Golden Reef mine: Hollywood Director Adrian Carr (Crocodile Dundee) filmed a sci fi pilot movie in the area several years ago, and used the old mining timbers of the Golden Reef Mine, with award-winning cinematographer Ross Berryman. There was an incredible tram way from the mine that took the ore down to the bottom stamp mill. This screen grab from the movie, courtesy of J2 Productions. Check out the short clip that shows the dramatic opening of the movie, and the exciting scene filmed among the timbers of the Golden Reef.
Scenes  from SolusThe seller has a mining claim on the Golden Reef and 4 other nearby properties and those claims will convey with the purchase of the Last Outpost. Golden Reef is on BLM land directly North.  The Cave Creek Museum has reassembled the original stamp mill and several of the tram towers, and demonstrates them on selected weekends!

Below, amazing progression of tram towers. This is on BLM land and the BLM protects these artifacts of the mining days.  The purchase of the forty acres will include mining claims on the Golden Reef and four other nearby mines. Interesting to note that the Cave Creek Museum has reconstructed two of the tram towers and demonstrates how they work in conjunction with the reassembled stamp mill. Check their website for the schedule.  People visit from all over the world to see this rare operation!

The top of the property has a number of level areas suitable for projects. Overlooking the Fleming Springs canyon and dramatic rock cliffs,  with the lights of the Phoenix area presenting a dazzling display at night.

Above, left, mining artifacts on the property to explore, right, head frame of the famous Golden Reef Mine, which tunnels into the mountain almost 500 feet.  Alan Car, Hollywood Director (Crocodile Dundee) filmed a sci fi movie pilot in the area, Solus, and used the head frame and tram towers for one of the segments! Below, the prime area for the property could also be the expansive level area at the top, perched on a cliff with city light and mountain views! Could be a possible off-the-grid structure or your own private 

Plenty of areas to explore, with miles of off-roads, and in close proximity to the Spur Cross National Recreation area, Tonto National Forest, and the hidden secrets of the BLM land (Bureau of Land Management)  Below, the mysterious ruins of a home started at the top of the mountain by a wealthy industrialist and then abandoned and on the right, amazing cave spotted across the canyon, on the cliffs, near Skull Mesa.  Wonder what's inside?


Above, photo taken on the property.  The access road, by the way, is visible in the lower left.  What a difference once you are up at "The Last Outpost!"  A location that would be hard to duplicate, with the varied topography, history and geological development.  Enjoy some of the views from the road on the way up.  Like to see more?  Call us for more information.  Seller carryback also possible 
Below, property dimensions and other maps.

Enjoy more of the views of the property and surrounding area, and wait until you see it in person!
Represented by Preston and Nancy Westmoreland of Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty. For more info, call 602-377-0060.  No unauthorized visits are permitted.  Double access gates protect the property.  Four wheel drive vehicles recommended.  Highest view Property Video Tour The road trip video. . wow
Below, from the gap overview, looking down at the main entrance road into a very historical canyon. Right around the rock on the left side is the homestead of early pioneer and explorer Charles Fleming, and in the bottom of this canyon, waters of Fleming Springs emerge! Note the profusion of some of the largest stands of majestic saguaros.

Below, from the access road up, Table Mesa and the Spur Cross National Recreation Area. The arrow indicates the location of the level top portion of this historic parcel.  Like to see the area in person?  You'll never forget the scenic drive there. What possibilities does this large 40 patented acre offering have for you?  Its a rare off-the-grid parcel that's just 3 miles from the pavement of Cave Creek, Arizona, and the many facilities and resorts in the area of Scottsdale, Carefree and Cave Creek.  Double-gated and shown by appointment.

(Below) The drive up the mountain is one of great scenic drives you'll ever take. This is halfway up!

SORRY, UNDER CONTRACT AND PENDING. NO SHOWINGS.   Priced for immediate sale $1.1million.  Serious buyers can join us for this trip of a lifetime. Less than 8 miles from downtown Cave Creek and less than 30 minutes, brings you to the top of the gap, at the Last Outpost! If you know where to look on the photo below, you'll be standing at the top, near the small depression just above the last cactus on the right.   See it on Fox 10 TV! Last Outpost on Fox 10
Fly the drone tour:  The Last Outpost Drone Tour