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In uncertain times, get strength from nature.  A secure gated and hidden ranch with artesian wells bubbling fresh water, where you can live off the land, but just minutes from town.  The Golden Star Ranch.  A Private and Lush Historic Property Few Have Ever Seen!   Over 38 acres of Rare Patented Land.  Offered for $2.9 million.     See the video tour, and Fox10 TV coverage,  on     Safe Sanctuary  Video Tour
Here's the amazing story on how the stamp mill was moved:   How the Stamp Mill was Moved!
Read about the large stamp mill of William Hellings found on the property, which has been donated to the Cave Creek Museum Read press coverage of this amazing story in the Sonoran News:  Press Coverage
And check out the Cave Creek Museum webpage to see when the stamp mill runs! Cave Creek Museum
See complete water information here:   Water History  Also scroll down to see a list of many of the plants and trees on the property, a hidden Garden of Eden, where you could live off the land!
Here's a handy list of common questions and answers!  Common Q & A's
Recently used as the location for movie! (scroll down for photos on the set!) See the Solus Preview Clip
Check out the high country of this ranch with this drone tour just done:  Tour the High Country of this land


 In the entire Greater Phoenix Area, there aren't many places that are secret anymore. . . except for the Golden Star ranch. At the end of the road, minutes north of Cave Creek, is a hidden valley steeped in history, site of one of the earliest mining bonanzas, where massive mining chains remain lashed around 350 year old cedar trees. About 11,000 gallons of pure water flows though the property every day, nurturing a bountiful arboretum with over 50 fruit and nut trees,  terraced gardens with paths lined by rose bushes and ivy.  In all, 38 acres of incredible high Sonoran Desert, gated & private, with a number of luxury homesites.

Sheltered and lush garden area by the home. You can't believe you are in Arizona with this oasis of one of Arizona's rarest commodities-water!  Millions of dollars in mature vegetation with some trees that are centuries-old! The property has two horizontal wells which can release nearly 11,000 gallons of water each day. In addition, the property includes 6 acre feet of surface water rights a year, with an acre/foot of water equal to 326,700 gallons!

Quiet and secluded areas in the lush landscaping are everywhere! (above right) Patio entrance to the home, pictured below as well.  

Tour the amazing high country of this property with this quick aerial drone tour!  
Tour the High Country of this land  Above, concrete base for the spectacular stamp mill, which was donated and reconstructed at the Cave Creek Museum.  Scroll down to see how massive it is! 
Below, the road up to the ranch is very picturesque, winding through riparian areas. On the grounds, you'll see a profusion of roses and the fragrance in the air!

A property so stunning, it should be in the movies!!  And it is! Below, the title shot for the new Sci Fi film "Solus", a big budget short film done on the Golden Star Ranch.  Producers loved the cliffs, mines, tunnels and total isolation of the area, and thought it fit in well with their dystopian look into the future.  You'll enjoy their vision of Cave Creek below, 1,000 years in the future, and if you know the area, you'll recognize Black Mountain on the left. Here's the opening sequence,  courtesy of J2 Productions  "Solus" preview clip:  Solus Preview Cut-The Opening
Scroll all the way down to see shots from the movie and the production!

Below, Rustic bunkhouse/casita with the Golden Star on top, and on the right, view from the bunkhouse porch. Check some views of the inside scrolling down. Its air conditioned and heated!

First things visitors see is this rustic cabin above Mattie creek      Bunkhouse which also can be a casita
Below, several views of the covered stalls and turn out pens

Surrounded by trees and terraced flower beds, this historic Homestake & Cottonwood Mining Claim is for the discriminating buyer who desires the ultimate in nature's pleasures and tranquility and absolute privacy.  Nearby, a picturesque bunkhouse and 6 covered horse stalls with a large turn-out cover a small part of this large estate. At higher elevations, although much of the property is sloped at greater than 15%, there are panoramic views of the Tonto National Forest, and the Valley, and lots of flexibility for development with a number of stunning estate home sites identified by a nationally-respected architect.  This land is a true part of the OLD WEST  and much of the local  Cave Creek history started from this area where the gold mines of the past were located,  with the settling of the area by William Hellings and the Golden Reef Mine.  Plus,  an added benefit . . .water gushing out of the mountain in springs, because of the rare combination of shale and granite rock. The sale includes  3 parcels.  This is a patented mine claim bordered by State and  BLM land and in unincorporated  Maricopa County.   By appointment only.  Qualified buyers please.
7718 E. Golden Reef Road  Gated  2 Wells  $ 2.9 million  
See the video tour: Safe Sanctuary  Video Tour    Complete Water and Hydrology report here: Water History

Hollywood was here!  Adrian Carr, director (Crocodile Dundee) recently filmed Solus, sci fi movie.
Scroll down for movie stills and more the answer to why they loved this location!

This large amount of flowing water has nurtured an amazing variety of plants and trees.  Included are: Orange, tangerine , blood orange, pink grapefruit,  lemon,  plum, pomegranate, apple, pear, fig ,almond, pecan, date. All produce fruit. there are multiples of certain fruits, ie lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, orange, fig and plum. There is also a wild grapevine, variety unknown. There are some older olive trees that do produce olives.  There is a mature and two smaller bay trees. There are over 50 rose bushes, hundreds of bearded iris, many native flowering plants. A very large magnolia tree and seasonal raised garden beds for vegetables.

Hillside vistas from one of the many building sites    And on the right, looking down the canyon at a profusion of desert vegetation in  nearby preserve! A nationally-known architect,  identified a number of level view homesites with sweeping vistas to the West 
Below left, there are many horse and hiking trails up the mountain, on your own property, protected, below right, by electronic gated entry. The Golden Star can only by seen by airplane from the outside!

Using one of the old mine tunnels on the property for a Hollywood movie is one use, as you see above, from the Sci Fi thriller "Solus", courtesy of JT Productions.   But we've found 20 uses worldwide, for old mine tunnels.  There are a number of vertical and horizontal mining shafts on the Golden Star.
 We bet there might be one use you didn't realize.  Some are very creative. 
Please check out our list: 20 Uses for Older Mine Tunnels

(Below)  Relaxing away the days on the porch.  This scene below could have been photographed at a mountain retreat, but the peaceful and pastoral scene, is only possible  in the desert, because of the abundant source of water on the property, and secluded and private location.

Below, charming and rustic air conditioned and heated bunkhouse/casita  (right) and old wash tub near the cabin on Mattie Creek


Where in Arizona would you find something like this?  And minutes from town.  The Golden Star is a nature-lover's paradise, and the perfect horse property with 6 semi-covered horse pens, and a half-acre turn-out.

Updated and enlarged manufactured home on the site can provide perfect accommodations while building other residences, or for support staff or a visitor's cottage.

Abundant water is liquid gold in these parts. Not only did the gold draw William B. Hellings to the site of one of Arizona's first gold strikes at the Golden Star in 1876, but the profusion of water coming from the hills provided life-giving support to the miners and the operation.  Today, the owners of the Golden Star enjoy the lush surroundings the clear water supports. (above left) the lower horizontal well for the property, found in an adit on the Homestake lode. (Photo, top right)  Former Storage tank for the upper well, high up on the property.  This tank for the upper well  at over 3,000 feet elevation, is bypassed now, but did contain almost 10,000 gallons of water.
Photos below are anything unlike you'll see in the Upper Sonoran Desert!!

Below left, This is the reason for all the water.  Precambrian schist rock in the middle, surrounded by Gold Hill  granite. The fractures of the rock draw the water out like a funnel. This property simply can't be duplicated anywhere else!

What makes the Golden Star so private?  Look closely at the photo below and you'll see the road that travels up a hill to a draw. Once on the top, the property becomes visible. Note the same road from the entry gate.  You can't see what's on the other side until you are there.  Below. Here's an aerial from the draw, showing the road to the Golden Star property. A historical Arizona family owns about 3 acres adjacent to the Golden Star Ranch.
Overall aerial below shows the approximate sites of historical areas, springs and mining camps. Scroll down to see the individual parcel photos and more. Some historians believe that the Hellings camp was on the site of the current home!


Above, just hiking halfway up the property from the house, reveals astonishing views all around! This vista is looking West, toward the entrance of the canyon and into Cave Creek, Arizona

More photos of the residence below. Set amidst the ancient and mature trees, shaded and cooler in the summer.  This home, a 2800 sq. ft. updated manufactured  home with 3 bedrooms/2 baths, could always be used as an accessory residence, ie:  ranch manager's home, while another residence is built on one of the level view areas above. Some interior photos are below.

See the 3 parcels below:  (lower left)   House parcel, 5.99 acres, parcel #  :202-99-008-H                        
 (lower right) Lower creek parcel,  .99 acres, parcel # 202-17-029

The largest parcel, (below)   31.31 acres, parcel # : 202-99-008G  Rising terrain with many slopes of greater than 15%, but a number of incredible view lots have been identified, some of which can be accessed with a high-clearance vehicle.  Stunning views of the Tonto National Forest and into the Valley. Photos below:  photos taken on this parcel, near some of the possible building sites.

Below, surrounding land includes BLM land, dramatic, and unspoiled

No need to go to the florist anymore, just walk out your back yard and pick today's bloom!


Below, its like having your own personal park, with miles of horse and hiking trails leading up into the mountains above the home.

Below, as you travel higher, you'll get sight of a number of gold mine tunnels from the Golden Reef, one of the first historic mines in the area. William Hellings used an elaborate tramway system to get the ore down to the stamp mill on the road.  The views get better and better as you get higher and look out on Skull Mesa to the North.

You may have read the story about how this historic stamp mill was transported from the property, to the Cave Creek Museum, and the thousands of hours spent restoring it to working condition.  It took volunteers over 9,000 hours, moving over 80,000 pounds of iron pieces and several years to restore this wonder of mining engineering at the museum.  Usually, once a month, the Museum has a special event and fires up the stamp mill to show onlookers how it worked.  Look for the museum link at the top of this page.  They have also reconstructed several of the tram towers used to take the ore down from the top of the mountain and demonstrate that as well! See photos below!

Here's a property that should be in the movies!  And it is, Below, Actors and production staff ready for a scene from the sci fi movie Solus.


Producer/Director Adrian Carr (Crocodile Dundee, Quigley Down Under) selected the Golden Star Ranch as a location to film a the sci fi movie "Solus", to be  released in the fall.  They liked the hideaway because it was close to town, hospitals, shopping, hotels, and had mines and caves, which they used for filming, cliffs, lots of water and foliage, and nothing in the background but wilderness. No signs of civilization for the dystopian theme.  They said all they had to do was pan the camera anywhere to the North and its looked like that for centuries!  Adrian brought in veteran Hollywood cinematographer Ross Berryman (American Pie, Atlas Shrugged, numerous TV shows and series) Below a scene from the movie, and the actors relaxing.

Below, Cinematographer Ross Berryman and Director Adrian Carr, filming a sequence at the Golden Star Ranch for "Solus"



Above, filming in the tunnels of the famous Golden Reef Mine, and a wrap picture of the staff
What use would you have for the Golden Star Ranch?  Movie location, getaway, plant nurturing or research, mining gold, prepper sanctuary, or just a stunning and quiet place away from the masses!

Below, a photo of the interior of the very unique bunkhouse/casita, and on the lower right, that amazing water, running out of the lower well, down into Mattie Creek, watering a profusion of plants and trees as it goes.


Pictures can't describe this awesome setting. Be sure to watch the video tour on Click here:  
Safe Sanctuary  Video Tour 
Complete Water and Hydrology report here: Water History
See the high country with artesian well, gold mines and view homesites:  Tour the High Country of this land
This rare and fine property is shown by appointment.   This unique property offered for $ 2.9 million. Call your Carefree residents for 35 years, Preston and Nancy Westmoreland, with the Russ Lyon Sotheby'sCarefree office.  Please, no unauthorized visits to the property.  Qualified buyers--Please contact us at 602-377-0060 for more information or a tour.