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Long before any of the Scottsdale trendy communities  like Estancia or Troon, or Silverleaf, back in the 1930's, land developer KT Palmer, co-founder of the Town of Carefree,  explored  thousands of acres available, and decided to establish his ranch around a stunning monolith of rocks emerging from the Earth, in a wonderland of boulders, complete with a Spring.  He chose this land, which now borders the lake and golf course of Estancia, to raise his family,  entertain his friends, and as a remote place in which to enjoy  nature.  It can still be a lovely horse property or site of a dramatic home in the rocks. 

Palmer dug out by hand, a 2-mile-long road from Pinnacle Peak road to access the property and delivered supplies in the back of a Packard automobile.  The amazing stories are  told in  his autobiography "For Land's Sake." Palmer had to build a road to the site, and there was no sign of civilization for five miles! There is also a registered and capped well on the property.  The historic hogan used by Palmer has been removed for safety. Also, there's a block building on the premises, used as a garage, but could serve other purposes. 
MLS 6645024  at 27777 N. 95th St., Scottsdale, AZ. 85262       No unauthorized visits please.

This is a world-class Legacy parcel of land with the scenery and vistas ready for a landmark residence on a dramatic estate amid picturesque boulder outcroppings which can be incorporated into a private enclave. Nearly half of the Eastern side is open for development along the legendary Estancia golf course and pastoral lake, with Pinnacle Peak & city lights views. Expansive NAOS protecting your privacy on the North while at the entrance, an imposing cliff with seasonal waterfall and grotto, amphitheater walls, for the ultimate showcase entry for guests! Secretive areas  hidden in the boulders, perfect for a casita or artist's retreat.  It's like owning your own park!
See the video tour of the property with drone flyovers:  Amazing Property Tour
Curious about where the driveway and building areas might be?  Also learn why this site is perfect for the practice of "rock engineering," perfected by architect Gerry Jones.  Look for an architect who understands the concept and you may have a landmark home go up! The Rock Houses of Carefree
Here's a short video suggestion on where the driveway will go to the building site: Driveway and Homesite

The property is just off 95th Street and Pinnacle Vista in Scottsdale's zip code 85266.
Offered for $ 2 million. Much smaller lots can be priced at $ 8 million in Paradise Valley. Here your money, and the views go farther. And no HOA to contend with.   There are two luxury homes under construction on both sides of this property.
Here are some interesting links to information on the life of K.T. Palmer:
The Cave Creek Museum has some rare footage in his Carefree office:  How Carefree Was Formed
From Carefree Beginnings and an article in Peak Magazine:   Carefree Beginnings with KT Palmer
And an excellent overview from AZ Family, Channel 3/5   Arizona Family Story
Parcel number is:  216-85-055A
Thanks to Russ Lyon Sotheby's and our publicists and marketing folks for getting the word out to the press about this listing. Thanks to the Phoenix Business Journal for covering the story. Here's another  sample story: Media Coverage


Above photo, K.T. Palmer had a number of favorite areas and one of them was on the large rock you see near the middle of  the photo. Look closely and you'll see a wooden ladder he put up so he could climb up and enjoy the view.  This rock was protected by boulder easement 3 andthe city of Scottsdale has tentatively agreed to remove that restriction, making the site fair-game for a building site.  Check out the wonderful view of the Estancia golf course lake you  would be able to enjoy from a properly-designed residence.  Horses are ok for the property and a small picturesque ranch would be stunning!
Below, the five acres borders this view, along the lake of the 4th hole of the famous  Estancia Golf Course. Please note: Estancia accepts both resident and non-resident members and offers golf and social memberships.  Could you imagine the views a home with have in this location!


K.T. Palmer, above left, was a brilliant land designer. Pictured in his  sales office in Carefree during the development of the community. (Credit: Arizona Memory Project and Cave Creek Museum)
Photo above right, Tom Darlington (left) and K.T.  during the planning process for the award-winning community of Carefree, Arizona. (below)  Photo credit: Town of Carefree

Above, the official Maricopa County aerial with property lines inserted.
Below, capped and registered well near possible homesite areas,  amid whimsical rock shapes!

Below,, left,  outdoor cooking area for KT Palmer's property, he had a number of areas he liked to frequent.  On the right, the authentic Hogan was constructed by a Navajo friend from Chinle, who came down with his daughter to build the structure. It had the traditional doorway that opened to the East, but the Navajos would never sleep in it because it had not been property  blessed. Palmer used it for entertaining, and you could build a fire inside which vented smoke through an open roof.  In time, they just used it for storage.  It was constructed out of heavy beams  and poles, and later was removed for safety concerns.

Above, historical photo of K.T. Palmer from  Carefree Beginnings, A Peek at the Peak Magazine feature.  On the right, a block garage used by KT as his workshop. He had welding equipment inside and would make cattle brands and other tools.  His daughter, Ruth Mary Palmer, use to have dances in the building.  KT had a fish pond nearby the  structure, which he built, but is no longer there. The structure has a lot of history and could serve a number of purposes.
Below, Mother Nature has created one of the most dramatic parcels in the area with a profusion of mature saguaros, ocotillos, and desert vegetation, amid walking paths that could be created.

The natural basins in the rocks would fill with water after the rains, and K.T's wife Betty found one, such as is pictured below, where they could fill it with water and use it as a natural bathtub.  They did this for a while, but Betty tired of the rough rocks!  Second photo below. . . .Other basins have filled with rock and sand over the years, and one has even spouted a hedgehog cactus!

Above, large areas of rocks with depressions, will leave pools of water after the rains, sometimes allowing a hedgehog cactus to root and grow.  Palmer had constructed a number of walls on the property for water diversion.


Above, stately rock walls near the entrance to the property, show evidence of waterfalls when it rains.  Major builders and architects who have walked the property call this area "inspirational" and "religious" and envision an entrance drive to the home that winds through the rock boudlers to make it"an adventure" arriving at the home!  This is the area called "the Grotto" and is a favorite place for picnics and entertaining
Below, water runs down grooves on the huge granite rock, and then over the edge of the cliff.  Water also seeps into cracks and supports spectacular fields of active lichen and moss. Photos below of when it rains, the grotto comes alive!

The grotto area captures rain from the large granite monolith, which filters down over moss and lichen and falls into verdant pools. A most unusual sight for the desert in Scottsdale! Your own waterfall.
See a short video of the waterfall:  Waterfall and  Rain

Below, two photos of a flat area on the NorthEast portion of the property, could be favored  building areas amongst the rocks and boulders. Room also for small stables, mare motel and other equestrian facilities.  Horses are still ok for the area on the "diamond" of KT Palmer's sprawling ranch.

Below, large cleared areas could be suitable for other structures, horse facilities, or areas for patios and outdoor living. One was the site of Palmer's hogan.

Below  boulder outcroppings and on the right, the lot photographed from across Estancia's golf course lake. Note the landmark boulder emerging from the ground. Estancia remains one of Scottsdale's most sought-after and impressive addresses

Enjoy the National Geographic quality photos below and then contact us, if you'd like to look into making the KT Palmer Ranch, your own home! Below, note location of  block garage on the right

Below, the KT Palmer ranch has scenery that would even inspire Ansel Adams, who magnificently crafted black and white photos! Below, how he might have photographed the Palmer ranch entrance.

Below, boulder easement 2 and 3, which are proposed to be released and open for development. Boulder  3, on the left, is especially important because its located closer to the suggested building area, and has fantastic views of Pinnacle Peak. The boulder easement also has a 20 feet setback around them that makes it even more difficult to build nearby. Freeing up boulder 2 would allow a nice path to go down toward a building area that the hogan was on, perfect for a casita or artist's retreat.

Below, left, a trail from the property enters the Estancia golf course access road by the lake. Photo on the lower right is what it looks like from that road. Just stunning!

Thanks for enjoying these photos and information of the K.T. Palmer Ranch. In the 1930's when he started homesteading the area, he had 640 acres.  This 5 acre property remains the final gem of his legacy.  Asking $ 2 million dollars.  Contact us at 602-377-0060 for more information, or to arrange your special tour to see the property firsthand.   We specialize in unique, special and unusual properties. Preston and Nancy Westmoreland of Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty in Carefree, your local residents for 45 years.