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This home is no longer on the market for sale but we thought it so unique, we have preserved much of the information gathered of this priceless architectural wonder and Hollywood landmark.  This iconic residence was the first home in Arizona to bridge a dramatic canyon, built by Gerry Jones, the ''Dean of Rock Engineering'' and for 17 years, a Taliesin instructor of extreme terrain architecture.  Featured on Fox 10 by Brian Webb and their special projects team.  Watch the broadcast here:   Slingman House on Fox 10 and showcased by  Syleste Rodriguez, who recently toured the home for a  feature on Cool House on Fox 10.  Watch it here:   Slingman House on Cool House

This pool  maybe the most private pool in the world.   Part of the ''Golden Triangle''  with original neighbors of Carefree founders K.T. Palmer and Tom Darlington, who all grabbed the most astonishing home sites when Carefree was started. Called the ''Slingman House'' after the original owners, reached by a picturesque and dramatic bridge,  or, underneath on a subterranean stairway with large metal gates reminiscent of a castle.  Rock cliffs by the pool have multiple sitting areas as you go rise up the terrain. It was a favorite rental of actor Orson Wells and film director John Huston who filmed pivotal scenes from Orson Welle's final movie there.  "The Other Side of the Wind" was fin finished by Netflix who also made a companion documentary on the picture called "They'll Love Me When I'm Dead."  There's extensive footage of the Slingman house featured in both productions.  Welle's movie took 48 years to put together, the longest production time for a film in history.  the sequel to Citizen Kane on the property.   Top photo credit: Larcher Photography

Enjoy this First Look inside the property and home: Video Tour the Slingman Property
See a drone view of the award-winning Carefree Town Center area:   Carefree Town Center 
Nice press, check out this article in Travel and Leisure on the town of Carefree  Carefree Article
And finally, while you are reading up on it, check the best story done on master architect and builder Gerry Jones, the "Dean of Rock Engineering" in Images Magazine.   Jones has bolt 140 homes in the Carefree area.  It tells about the Slingman House and the amazing Orson Welles story!  Gerry Jones Story 
 Below, the pool, nestled in a boulder canyon may be the most private pool in the world, with multiple sitting areas at all different levels of the granite cliffs.  Beyond belief. One reason why Orson Welles, John Huston and Hollywood A-types loved the visit the area.   Offered at $ 4.5 million
See the Netflix trailer to "They'll Love Me When I'm Dead", its the story of the making of "The Other Side of the Wind" filmed partially at the Slingman House   The Making of "The Other Side of the Wind"
And if you're interested in the entire story on the film, along with more photos of the Slingman House, here's the epic story as chronicled in Vanity Fair Magazine:  Vanity Fair Feature
And just how important was Gerry Jones in the designing and building of these iconic homes in the Carefree area?  Here's a rare interview done 5 years ago when Gerry spoke to our group. Gerry Jones Career overview  And here's the story of the Carefree area's rock houses!The Rock Houses of Carefree


Below, original photo of the construction of the bridge. (Photo: Gerry Jones collection)

Below, Two amazing entries, by a bridge, or  scroll down to see  the  steps in the cave.  How unique is that! Every design aspect of the property is an eye-catcher!

Below, total aerial view of the property, showing the dramatic siting of the residence. Gerry Jones was quoted as saying "no one would buy the lot because architects and engineers told buyers that it was unbuildable without moving boulders at an extraordinary cost.  I bridged the house over the boulders, the first bridge house in Arizona, moved one small boulder and saved thousands by using the boulders for bearing in lieu of a standard foundation," Jones explains.


Below, left.  Property Lines of the 2+ acre parcel. Right, pastoral drive through the trees and boulders reaches the bottom level of the property, where the super private casita is located, nearly 900 sq. ft.

Below, "party canyon" at night.  Rivaling any resort, with dramatic lighting, and a variety of conversation and gathering areas between the massive boulders. 

Someone once said "if a house had not  been built here, this could have been a park!"  Indeed, very true, the whimsical boulders and desert plants are a spectacular  sight. This is located in the Upper Sonoran Desert, described by National Geographic Magazine as "the most beautiful desert in the world." Below,
check out the multi-tiered rock cliffs with paths and gathering areas all the way up to the top!
There's a spectacular hike and climb up to the top of the boulders. See the Speed Hike video for a quick  look at what it  looks like. In actual time, less than 2 minutes!   Take A Speed Hike!

Below, the separate casita for the home, private and secluded. Single bedroom, large living area, full kitchen and patio in the rocks.  Nearly 900 sq. ft.  Photos of the rooms are below.

Casita rooms below, also covered auto parking and the bedroom has a separate entry as well.

Below, approaching the casita, on the left.  Lower right, moving toward the house. Who wouldn't enjoy swaying in a hammock near the pool, with bar nearby!

Moving into the main house, from the kitchen looking toward the living room, there's a quaint cafe table on the way.

Below, left and right side of the kitchen with glass-inlaid cabinetry, wall ovens, new fridge also.

Below, bedrooms inside the main home. There are two bathrooms as well. Yes, that's the teen's room on the left!

Below, large living room area with exposed beams, also a covered patio with views to the South

Below, in the media, the house has been featured by the special projects team at Fox 10 on their home showcase program "Cool House" with Syleste Rodriguez, and in media reports around the world, from the Miami Herald, Charlotte Observer, Sacramento Bee, Yahoo, and even the Orson Wells movie website.  Below left, listing agent Preston Westmoreland with Syleste Rodriguez, right, rows of plugs for movie equipment, installed by Orson Welles group for movie production.

Above, the cover photo for Netflix trailer for "They'll Love Me When I'm Dead", features a photo of Peter Bogdanovich and Orson at the rear of the home. Photo Credit: Netflix.   Above right, along the bottom of the living room floor, are extended power bars still remaining, put in by Orson Welles and the crew for plugging in the Hollywood lights and equipment.

What's the famous story about Orson Welles, everybody always asks. And it's a great one.  Welles loved to lease the property and frequently had many Hollywood friends drop in and stay, like director John Huston.  The Slingman's had Welles sign a lease that said "no filming to be done on the premises."  According to Gerry Jones, the builder, who was asked to keep an eye out. And one night, he noticed a lot of movie lights on at the property and reported this to the Slingman's, who promptly evicted Welles.   So the story goes, when they got into the house, the owners found it a shambles, with rare antique desks floating in the pool, a car had damaged the casita, and they found a pair of Orson Welle's size 68 boxer shorts that he had forgotten.  Showing they had a sense of humor, every year on the anniversary of the eviction, they hoisted the large boxer shorts up their flagpole and conducted a wine toast! Its one of Carefree's favorite stories.  Below, rare photo of Welle's on the property with young director Peter Bogdanovich and cast members. We have no idea what all the dressed mannequins are going laying on the rocks.  (Photo credit: Jose Maria Castellvi/Netflix/New Yorker Magazine}  On the right, same size of the enormous shorts are displayed.

Below, pool in the evening, and the iron gates at the top of the cave-like stairs!

Above, at the top of the boulder pile trail, numerous flat areas with tables and chairs.  In the background, original home of Carefree co-founder Tom Darlington. 360 degree astonishing views!
Below, the garage area and motor court. There may be room for another garage in the area.

Below dusk views of the approach bridge, and cave tunnel entrances. What a way to enter the home!
And at night, the various areas of the back patio, pool and paths become an explosion of color!

Thanks for checking out just one of Carefree's amazing classic homes, the Slingman House.  Call us if we can help with your search. We've called  Carefree home for over 4 decades!  Please enjoy this short video tour of the Carefree Town Center shops, restaurants and attractions. And the award-winning million-dollar cactus garden.     Tour Carefree Town Center  Call us at 602-377-0060 if we can help in your real estate search. We specialize in unique, special and unusual properties. Preston and Nancy Westmoreland of Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty in Carefree, your local residents for 40 years.