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One of the first homes all visitors spot as they approach Carefree from the south is imposing Boulder Reign, located in exclusive Carefree Grandview Estates, on the south slopes of Black Mountain. Scroll down to see the epic scene from the MGM film Zabriskie Point, when this house blows up! (a model of course)

This home had a helicopter landing pad that was used for years, until the Town of Carefree banned helicopter landings within city limits, except in an emergency.  On rocks near the former Carefree Studios (behind the Summit shopping center),  the director of the movie "Zabriskie Point" built a large replica of the home, which was blown-up at the end of the movie. Scorch marks are still on the rocks! The home was also used in a Bob Hope movie. Also filmed in the area were "The Gambler", "Flirting with Disaster", "Electra Glide in Blue" and nearby Cave Creek was  featured "The Getaway"

Boulder reign blowing up in Zabriskie Point
Epic finale from the MGM 1970's film Zabriskie Point,  when Boulder Reign was blown up.  Much of the picture was filmed in Carefree and centered in the Boulder Reign house above. The movie never made much money but had a lot of beautiful desert scenes in addition to promoting the young town.
For a story on the Carefree Studios and a list of the major movies done in the area, check out the story in our Carefree Times Blog at:

 Credit:  MGM Studios, Zabriskie Point, from Director Michelangelo Antonioni

K.T. Palmer's house in Carefree

Residence next to K.T. Palmer's house, formerly rented  by Orson Wells and movie producer John Huston. This home bridges a wash between rock outcroppings on the east flanks of Black Mountain. The home is on Stagecoach Pass.
Below, K.T. Palmer's spectacular pool area. The home was designed by veteran Gerry Jones.

Below, Tom Darlington's home perched on massive boulders. This is the view from the back porch of K.T. Palmer's home.  The home even has a wine cellar down in the rocks! The two are co-founders of the Town of Carefree.